Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda

Exams Past Papers – August 2023

CAT Stage 2 S2.1 Preparation of Basic accounts-QP S2.1 Preparation of Basic Accounts- Ans S2.2 Managing cost and cashflow-QP S2.2 Managing Cost and Cashflow- Ans S2.3 Professional Ethics in accounting and finance-QP S2.3 Professional Ethics in Accounting and Finance-Ans CAT Stage 3 S3.1 Financial Accounting-QP S3.1 Financial Accounting- Ans S3.2 Management Accounting-QP S3.2 Management Accounting-…

Entry requirements

CPA Senior Six Certificate with two (2) principal passes or its equivalent; or Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Certificate from ICPAR or its equivalent; or Diploma in Accounting or Accounting Certificate from a recognized University; or Another certificate or diploma as may be approved by ICPAR; or Second Year University students specializing in Accounting or Business…

What we do

What we do We regulate the accountancy profession; We preserve the integrity of the accounting profession; We promote the competence and the capacities of our members. We deliver accounting qualifications, programs and examinations.We promote compliance with professional standards