Below are past papers for April 2022 Exams

Click on the links below to download April 2022 exams as follows :

CAT Stage 1

** S1.1 Recording Financial Transaction-QP
** S1.1 Recording Financial Transaction- Ans
** S1.2 Principes of costing-QP
** S1.2 Principles of Costing- Ans
** S1.3 Effective working in accounting and finance-QP.pdf
** S1.3 Effective Working in Accounting and Finance-Ans

CAT Stage 2

** S2.1 Preparation of Basic accounts-QP
** S2.1 Preparation of Basic Accounts- Ans
** S2.2 Managing cost and cashflow-QP
**S2.2 Managing Cost and Cashflow- Ans
**S2.3 Professional Ethics in accounting and finance-QP
** S2.3 Professional Ethics in Accounting and Finance-Ans

CAT Stage 3

** S3.1 Financial Accounting-QP
** S3.1 Financial Accounting- Ans
** S3.2 MAnagement Accounting-QP
** S3.2 Management Accounting- Ans
** S3.3 Taxation-QP
** S3.3 Taxation-Ans
** S3.4 Audit and Assurance-QP
** S3.4 Audit and Assurance-Ans
** S3.6 Public Finance Management-QP
** S3.6 Public Finance Management- Ans

CPA Foundation Level

** F1.1 Business mathematics and quantitative method-QP
** F1.1 Business Mathematics and Quantitative Method- Ans
** F1.2 Introduction to Law-QP
** F1.2- Introduction to Law-Ans
** F1.3 Financial Accounting-QP
** F1.3 Financial Accounting-Ans
**F1.4 Business Management, Ethicsand Entrepreneurship-QP
** F1.4 Business Management, Ethics and Enterpreneurship- Ans
**F2.1 Management Accounting-QP
** F2.1 Management Accounting- Ans
**F2.2 Economics and Business Envirnoment-QP
** F2.2 Economics and Business Envirnment- Ans.pdf
**F2.3 Information System-QP
** F2.3 Information System- Ans
**F2.4 Taxation-QP
** F2.4 Taxation-Ans


** I1.1Managerial Finance-QP
** I1.1 Managerial Finance- Ans.pdf
** I1.2 Financial Reporting-QP
**I1.2 Financial Reporting- Ans
** I1.3 Company Law-QP
** I1.3 Company Law-Ans
** I1.4 Auditing-QP
** I1.4 Auditing-Ans

CPA Advanced Level

** A1.1 Strategic and Leadership-QP
** A1.1 Strategy and Leadership- Ans
** A1.2 Audit practice and assurance services-QP
** A1.2 Audit Practice and Assurance Services-Ans
** A1.3 Advanced Financial Reporting-QP
** A1.3 Advanced Financial Reporting- Ans
** A2.1 Strategic Corporate Finance-QP
** A2.1 Strategic Corporate Finance- Ans
** A2.2 Strategic Performance Management-QP
** A2.2 Strategic Performance Management- Ans
** A2.3 Advanced Taxation-QP
** A2.3 Advanced Taxation-Ans.pdf