What is ICPAR?

The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (ICPAR) is the Professional Accountancy Organization (PAO) established in 2008. ICPAR is mandated by law number 11/2008 to regulate and grow the Accounting profession in the republic of Rwanda. ICPAR is the only body authorized by law to register and grant practicing certificates to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in Rwanda. Certified Public Accountant Certificate holders that are registered as members of ICPAR are entitled to the CPA (R) designation.

What are the qualifications for one to become a student of ICPAR ?
  1. CPA
    1. A Senior Six Certificate with two (2) principal passes or its equivalent
    2. Holders of Certified Accounting Technician Certificate or
    3. Bachelor’s degree holders from recognized universities or Diploma in Accounting or Accounting Certificate from a recognized University or Professional Accountancy body plus two (2) years’ work experience.
    4. Second Year University students specializing in Accounting or Business studies such another certificate or diploma as may be approved by ICPAR
    5. Mature entry route: Ordinarylevel with at least 6 years of practical work experience OR more than 10 years of relevant work experience with proof from a recognized employer for candidates with qualifications different from the ones cited above.
  2. CAT
    1. A Senior Six Examination Score of 15 points or more.
    2. Senior six examination certificate with at least two years relevant work experience; c) Certificates from recognized institution such as TVET Certificate III in accounting (RTQF level 3);
    3. Certificates from other recognized professional examination bodies;
    4. Mature Entry route: – Ordinary level with at least three years’ work experience; OR more than 7 years of relevant work experience with a proof from a recognized employer for candidates with qualifications different from the ones cited above.
What are the fees charged by ICPAR?

The fees and related charges are available on a separate brochure and also available on our website.

What are the dates for the examinations and the annual registration renewals?

Examinations are held three times each year i.e., April, August and December. Student annual subscription fees are due and payable by 01 January, each year.