iCPAR New CAT Qualification - Deadline 21st March 2018

Further to the announcement of 22 February 2018 in relation to the invitation to tender to provide exam services for iCPAR’s new CAT Qualification, iCPAR announces a one week extension of the closing date for proposals.

iCPAR has taken this decision after many organisations informed the Institute that they did not have enough time since receiving the information to prepare a proposal by 17:00 Central Africa Time on Wednesday 14 March 2018.

Following the extension, the deadline for proposals will now close at 17:00 Central Africa Time on Wednesday 21 March 2018. There will be no further extensions of the closing date beyond 21 March 2018.

Information about the tender, the template for proposals and the latest record of queries received to date can be found in the attached files. Proposals should be emailed to iCPAR (email: and copied to ACCA (email:

I have also attached the previous email which contains CBE tender query where we clarified that proposals for a Computer Based Exams (CBE) solution for iCPAR CAT assessments are also welcome as part of this tender.

Thank you.


Jean Marie Vianney Muhire
Director of Education Development Services
Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Rwanda (iCPAR)
Mobile phone: +250788597268/+250785884413


Request for proposal Details Download the Proposal template