PRESS RELEASE - New Governing Council Assumes Leadership Responsibilities - March 29, 2019

The incoming ICPAR Governing Council has officially assumed office after taking the mantle from the outgoing Governing Council in a handover ceremony held on the 29th of March 2019.

CPA Dr. Patrick Uwizeye , took over the leadership roles from his predecessor CPA Mkombozi Karake who has served the institution for the last four years. In his remarks he acknowledged the accomplishments of his predecessor promising not to reinvent the wheel but to build in the achievements already registered.

“The outgoing Governing Council has done tremendous work in advancing the accountancy profession. We intend to continue from where they have reached and take the institute and the profession to greater heights,” CPA Dr. Uwizeye pointed out.

Among his priorities, CPA Dr. Uwizeye noted that he would ensure that professional ethics are adhered to by having in place a robust disciplinary committee. “We look forward to developing the institute, adding and revising the quality of the syllabus and things to do with disciplinary- we are going to really go into instilling ethics and make sure that every member is playing according to the rules,” CPA Dr. Uwizeye said after the handover.

For the outgoing ICPAR president, the institute has invested heavily in capacity building, soliciting international accredited training material and a revised syllabus for Certified Accounting Technician (CAT), with plans to revise the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) programs.

“Overall the achievements we registered over four years out way the challenges. Top of the list is the development and implementation of a five-year strategic plan which has achieved about 90% of what it was developed to achieve. My gratitude goes to the outgoing Governing Council, our Secretariat, development partners, key stakeholders and the Government of Rwanda whose support was critical to registering achievements,” CPA Mkombozi Karake said.

The new leadership has a two-year term to implement their responsibilities but with an opportunity of being elected for another 2- year term.

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Handover Between the Incoming and Outgoing Institute President
The Two President signing the handover
The old and New Governing Council
The two GC having a meeting