iCPAR Exams Past Papers December 2015

CAT Past Papers DECEMBER 2015

L1.1 Introduction to Financial Accounting - Click Here
L1.2 Business law - Click Here
L1.3 Business Management, Ethics and entrepreneurship - Click Here
L1.4 Business Mathematics - Click Here
L1.5 Economics and the Business Environment - Click Here

L2.1 Financial Accounting - Click Here
L2.2 Information Systems - Click Here
L2.3 Management Accounting - Click Here
L2.4 Taxation - Click Here
L2.5 Auditing - Click Here

CPA Past Papers DECEMBER 2015

F1. 1 Business Mathematics and Quantitative Methods - Click Here
F1. 2 Introduction to law - Click Here
F1. 3 Financial Accounting - Click Here
F1. 4 Business Management, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship - Click Here

F2. 1 Management Accounting - Click Here
F2. 2 Economics and Business Environment - Click Here
F2. 3 Information Systems - Click Here
F2. 4 Taxation - Click Here

I1.1 Managerial Finance - Click Here
I1.2 Financial Reporting - Click Here
I1.3 Company Law - Click Here
I1.4 Auditing - Click Here

A1.1 Strategy and Leadership - Click here
A1.2 Audit practice and assurance services - Click here
A1.3 Advanced Financial Reporting - Click Here

A2.1 Strategic corporate Finance - Click Here
A2.2 Strategic Performance Management - Click Here
A2.3 Advanced Taxation - Click Here

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